• Floors with tegoplast

    TEGOPLAST can be employed to build floor support structures made of reinforced concrete rather than traditional lug bricks or other materials.

  • Ventilated crawlspace Colosseo

    It is easily used, the elements extreme lightness and rigidiness makes the laying stage quick and safe. TEGOPLAST is furnished of channels at the ends of it, facilitating its support on the ARCOPLAST rows.

  • Protection and Insulation of Underground Walls

    TEGOPLAST (size 75cm X 42 cm x h10.5) combined with some additional elements (grid, plugs, fixing elements, flexible angled junctions, etc.) can be used to effectively insulate and ventilate underground walls.

  • Floors Elevation

    TEGOPLAST can be used in an effective way to isolate and ventilate coverings, solar pavings and floor elevation. It creates an interspace which avoids the condensate formation and favours the heat insulation in the below environments.

Arté - Modular element system

The versatile system of modular elements made of recycled plastic to build up floors, ventilated crawlspaces and protection of underground walls

Arté system is composed of two main modular elements which can be used separately or combined with a variety of versions and special pieces

  • TEGOPLAST has to be used like lightening element in the construction of reinforced concrete floors and underground walls, along with ARCOPLAST in the creation of ventilated loose stone foundations.
  • ARCOPLAST is the vertical element of the system as a disposable quarterdeck, permits the creation of ventilated crawlspaces.

This versatile system permits a high flexibility in its employment making it unique respect to the other systems used in the building industry.
It can also be used to make floating floors, floors and underground walls ventilation, creation of interspaces which can be easily inspected, ducts etc. Furthermore you can use it in the street furniture to bound flowerbeds, fence foundations, balustrades, play centres, garden benches and in the farming field, too.

Advantages of Arté System

  • Great Versatility

    Thanks to the wide range of versions and pieces
  • Reduce Weight

    on supporting strucutures thanks to lighter components
  • Uniform thickness of the upper slabs

    Thanks to the peg marking the concrete casting level
  • Easy handling

    Thanks to modula elements, light weight and simple assembling procedures
  • Reduced need for skilled labour

    Witch is more and more difficult to find in the building trade
  • Reduced job accidents

    Dued to lighter and easier to handle components and improving working conditions
  • Waste reduction

    The elements can be cut in the required measure reducind the waste to the minimum
  • Reduce environmental impact

    Thanks to recycled plastic materials replacing natural materials
  • Energy saving

    Thanks to a major thermal insulation where it is used
  • Reduce bulk of materials to transport

    Thanks to stackable components which also require less space on the working site
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